Christmas season is a tough time for women because usually all the preparation is done by them.

Women cook, clean, buy, wrap, organize, call, bake and decorate. They work in 2 jobs in December, the other one is unpaid service.

Man don’t know how much time it all takes and how much of our energy it consumes. A lot of men aren’t interested in Christmas because they’ve always had everything done for them. And it is even harder when your friends or other family members come to visit.

Perfect Christmas Tree, perfect gifts, perfect, perfect, perfect! Is it all necessary?  It is said that the most important thing during Christmas is to be with the Family, no conflict, no politics, no stress…  And it was so when I was a kid. I don’t remember beautiful, fashionable Christmas tree or beautifully decorated table. I don’t even remember Christmas gifts! I only remember it was fun and laughter. So many things change during time and I don’t think it is good for us.

Nowadays Christmas is a business that drives the economy. Where did the magic go?

Women shouldn’t stay silence and pretend that Christmas spirit just happens. Make a list of all the things that need to be done before Christmas, hang it on the fridge, gather all family members and delegate. Also ask them if there is something that they would like to add to the list. They will be surprised how much work Christmas takes. Don’t be mad if your children won’t clean the windows like you do or your man buys the wrong type of meat – this is going to be the best Christmas you had in years!

Don’t be perfect, ask for help, do it for your physical and mental health.


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