Covid-19 affects women.

Since schools and day cares are closed in some countries, women decided to stay home and take care of their children – because it is usually men that support the family financially and women are better with kids – so it is said unfortunately.

It is going to be very problematic for these women to go back to work after the pandemic is over.

And you can imagine what hard time single mothers now have.


Women also have more work when it comes to their children’s homework – e-learning is not as effective as traditional teaching in Schools, so parents have to help more.


Moreover, women are at greater risk of domestic violence (physical or sexual violence).

There has been a huge increase in domestic violence since the start of the lockdowns (also increase in the number of women being killed by their partner).

I’ve noticed by myself that people are getting annoyed by everything and became more aggressive, not only towards their family members but also other people/strangers.


During the pandemic many companies had to let go of some of their employees and it is mostly women that are being laid off.

Women have higher representation in food service, recreation, hospitality, travel, trade – industries badly affected by the crisis.

The unemployment rate is growing faster for women than for men.

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